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We stock a wide range of reconditioned wooden pallets for sale. We are a pallet supplier offering reconditioned wooden pallets for the best prices along with a UK-wide pallet delivery service. We have helped companies with their pallet supply needs for over 25 years.

Are You Getting Your Reconditioned Wooden Pallets For The Best Price?

We have been supplying businesses with reconditioned wooden pallets since 1998. Why not find out if we can offer your wooden pallets at a better price or simply provide a more reliable pallet delivery service.

We operate across the UK, so wherever you are, we can come and deliver your required reconditioned wooden pallets. Contact us today to discuss your pallet supply needs.

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Why Use Us For Your Reconditioned Pallet Supply Needs?

Here are some of the things our clients love about our reconditioned pallet supply service, some of them have been using us since we started our business in 1998.

The Best Prices

We keep an eye on the market ensuring we always sell pallets at market-leading prices.

Next Day Service

We offer a 24hr pallet delivery service to keep your business moving.

Reliable Service

We arrive when we say we will arrive. We know reliability is important to you.

Delivery Options

We can leave you with a stand trailer or arrive and complete a live delivery.

Reconditioned Wooden Pallets We Stock

We stock a wide range of reconditioned wooden pallets. Contact us to discuss your reconditioned pallet needs today.

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Reconditioned Pallet FAQs

Reconditioned wooden pallets are simply wooden pallets that have been used before and have been repaired to their original specification where any damage has occurred during their use.

Reconditioned wooden pallets supplied by UK Industrial Pallets are just as good as new pallets, plus it is far more environmentally friendly and cost effective to reuse wooden pallets that are still structurally sound. To ensure reconditioned pallets are as good as a new pallet we ensure that we use the right high quality materials for the pallet we are repairing and that our workmanship is of the highest standard.